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Why Become a Member

Join the only registered atheist organization in Kenya

By becoming a Member of the Atheists In Kenya Society, you join a community of hundreds atheists, humanists and freethinkers dedicated to promoting secularism and normalizing atheism in Kenya and around the world. And we are growing! As a registered member, you will have access to exclusive networking opportunities to engage with other atheists from all over Kenya, and indeed the world.

You will stay informed and access the latest in the world of atheism, humanism and free thought.

When you join AIK, you enter a diverse network of atheists composed of self-employed, government employed, university, private business, students and many more. We aim to support atheists across the country.

Benefits of becoming a member

Leadership in Science

As a member you will become part of a unique team of atheists in Kenya that work with the Government to promote science in Kenya. You will get a chance to work locally and internationally to contribute to developments in science at home and abroad.  AIK is dedicated to promoting the critical role of science and helping the government make evidence-based decisions.

Knowledge & Professional Development

As a Member, you will have access to the latest knowledge in the field of science, secularism and free thought. You are welcome to contribute to our publications.

  • Members can subscribe to the Godless Newsletter to stay informed on happenings within the secular world sharing practical knowledge, experiences and lessons learned.
  • Members meet via monthly webinars (current and past webinars available to members), county conferences and sponsored training events, and our annual general meeting.  We provide annual course offerings in essential skills and targeted courses on key aspects of atheism and science.  All learning opportunities are aligned with the objectives of AIK.


As a Member, you will join the professional voice of the AIK to raise awareness on key issues locally, nationally and internationally. Members are consulted informally and formally and their feedback is integrated into AIK’s actions and decision-making.  AIK is committed to expanding the reach of the society in Kenya and beyond, promoting science, humanism, skepticism and free though.


You will connect to the AIK community in your region and across the country informally and formally. Members are invited to provide input on priorities, and are welcome to comment on most issues affecting atheists.

The ‘members only’ section of our website includes the latest evaluation news, job postings and contracts and training opportunities.

As a dynamic group with increasing numbers of members, AIK is open to new ways of reaching Members wherever they are.

Also, find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Recognition & Awards

Committed members are recognized and awarded for their contribution to the society at the Atheist Conference and Annual General Meeting, through annual awards.


You will be welcome to contribute to AIK activities and to engage in any number of ways:  join your local chapter; support an ad hoc working group; deliver a presentation at provincially and nationally organized trainings or conferences; offer webinars; attend networking events; mentoring new evaluators; publishing in the Godless Newsletter or blog. We want your ideas!


As a Member, you will benefit from AIK’s relationships with our partners. Members have access to a variety of products including books and merchandise at a discount.  Members receive a value-added return on your membership investment by participating in these offers.