We stand with Chief Justice Maraga

We STAND IN SOLIDARITY with Chief Justice David Maraga following accusations by Ms. Mary Kwamboka, a lady who (ON 30th June, 2020) dramatically alleged that the Chief Justice fathered a child with her. While we cannot ascertain the truth of this matter at this point, the theatrical manner in which Ms. Kwamboka accused the Chief Justice at the High Court in Nairobi reeks of witch-hunt by external forces.

Since the historic Supreme Court Ruling which nullified President Uhuru’s election in 2017, we have witnessed sustained efforts by the executive to frustrate the Judiciary, including the recent President’s failure to appoint the 41 judges recommended by the Judicial Service Commission.

We believe that the actions of Ms. Kwamboka are a part of a wider scheme to dent the integrity of the Chief Justice. This is a part of the President’s promised vendetta in the 2017 against Chief Justice Maraga.


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