University of Nairobi Day of Prayer Was an Embarrassment

Prof. Gitahi Kiama, University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor

The University of Nairobi conducted a DAY OF PRAYER on 23rd July 2020, ostensibly to pray for COVID19. As a University aiming at the world-class status, this was disreputable, embarrassing and shameful. The University of Nairobi should endeavor to position itself as a research institution and not an institution seeking supernatural solutions to human problems.

World class universities like the University of Oxford have recently developed and are currently testing a vaccine for CORONA VIRUS. We find it odd that the University of Nairobi, an institution of higher learning, is institutionalizing PRAYER DAYS.

The UoN and other institutions of higher learning in Kenya should focus their energies towards making significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge through research, science and innovation. We are not against the freedom of worship and religion. This is enshrined in our constitution. We condemn the institutionalization of prayer days at UoN.

Sub-Saharan Africa is at the bottom of every indicator in research and world-class universities. The Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Stephen Gitahi Kiama of Nairobi should ABOLISH PRAYER DAYS and focus on building robust academic research systems at UoN.


2 thoughts on “University of Nairobi Day of Prayer Was an Embarrassment”

  1. Religion has brainwashed most Africans from birth and it will be very difficult to open their minds to see that religion & god is man made. In the past poverty had a great deal to do with it and now it is indoctrinated into modern day Kenya. So when i see this happening even at Uni level it does not surprise me. AIK has my support.

    On that note silently waiting for TZ to blow up!!! I feel sorry for the citizens having such a leader.

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