Atheists In Kenya Society Special General Meeting

There shall be a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the Atheists In Kenya Society to be held on Saturday, 25th, July, 2020.

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The Agenda of this meeting will be to pass a resolution to remove the AIK Secretary, Seth Mahiga from the Executive Committee of the Society.

The Constitution of AIK provides the process of REMOVAL OF OFFICE BEARERS under Article VI (a)

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Which States:

An elected officer may be removed by a TWO THIRDS majority vote at a duly constituted general meeting. Officers and memvers, including the officer in question, shall have the opportunity to make presentations on the matter.

Article VI

During the Special General Meeting, the Executive Committee will table accusations and evidence of fraud against Secretary Seth Mahiga.

Let it be known that Seth Mahiga presented fake minutes to Kenya Commercial Bank of a meeting that never took place, and forged/ or irregularly presented the signature of the Chairperson, Harrison Mumia to the bank.

Seth Mahiga will have a chance to defend himself and a vote will be taken.

The reason I am doing this communication is to ask you, as an atheist to register as a member of the Atheists In Kenya Society, so that you may attend the *Special General Meeting which will be conducted via Zoom.

Once you register, you will receive details of the meeting via email.

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We will have an A.O.B session as our second agenda during which you as a member will be allowed to ask, or make any suggestions pertaining to the Society.

I want to thank all of your for your continued support as we work towards making the ATHEISTS IN KENYA SOCIETY GREAT!

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