My public atheism has made it more difficult for me to secure employment

Harrison Mumia

I was laid off by the Central Bank of Kenya in 2019. I have applied for at least 200 jobs between 2019 and 2020. I have attended quite a number of interviews, but none has yielded any fruits. The problem is my atheism. Being a public atheist has made it more difficult for me to secure employment.

I have done interviews with KQ, and KBL and many other organizations. Did quite well in the interviews. But I guess when the HR managers google my name, and realize that I am a vocal atheist, I am struck off the list of potential employees.

I got hired by Savannah Healthcare Services as a General Manager through a referral in June 2019, but the CEO, Dr. Ann Wachira and her husband had concerns about my atheism.

The interview was all about atheism.

It took a lot of effort to persuade them that I was not bringing my atheism to work. Their main worry was that if patients knew that the President of the Atheists In Kenya Society was a General Manager, they would shun coming for medical services to the healthcare facility.

This, according ot Dr. Ann, would affect their business negatively.

The job was not stable and I had to quit. It has been tough. See, if you google my name, it comes as the President of Atheists in Kenya Society. I am the most prominent atheist in Kenya today. Most employers, upon doing my background check and realizing that I lead an atheist society in Kenya would not want to hire me.

It is just discouraging that in Kenya, employers are less willing to hire atheists. I still believe that with time, atheism will be normalized in Kenya.


3 thoughts on “My public atheism has made it more difficult for me to secure employment”

  1. Interesting experience. I am thinking of 3 things:
    – is it that in Kenya almost all potential employers are theists and atheists haven’t invested in Kenya?
    – or is it that your approach to vocalizing atheism hasn’t been done well or
    – Kenya is yet to understand what atheism is?

  2. Have you ever read Psalms 14:1
    Denounce atheism and believe in the existence of God. And your doors shall be opened

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