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About Membership

Membership of AIK is open individuals, organizations, research institutions, universities, students and associations and NGOs that have an interest in promoting science, skeptical inquiry and humanism. Individuals who identify themselves as atheists, secularist, scientists ( lean towards empiricism), agnostics, LGBTiQ, feminists, free thinkers, skeptics or humanists.


Becoming a registered member of AIK allows you to join a versatile organization that promotes science, humanism and skeptical inquiry as an alternative to religious faith. You will work with us to contributed towards key policy dossiers within government, allowing the AIK to build a solid reputation in Kenya.
By joining the AIK you,w ill enjoy various benefits.


1. Networking 

You will get a chance to network with other partners during our events including workshops, seminars, AGMs and SGMs. You contribute to the exchange of good practices, opinions and ideas for new initiatives and projects.

2. Advocacy

As a member, you will take part in the decision-making affecting the AIK, while promoting your interests at the national and international level.

3. Get up-to-date information 

As a members you will be involved in our information network and briefed with the most relevant news regarding humanism, science and skepticism.

4. Increased visibility.

AIK members can widen their range of contacts and raise awareness on their own activities, expertise, products or services, depending on their needs.

5. Participating in common projects. 

AIK Members may also participate in AIK-funded or co-funded projects.

6. Support during difficult times

We provide our members with support in various ways, including providing training opportunities, jobs, basic needs like food and counselling.