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List of Noisy Places of Worship in Kenya

Public list of places of worship that are a nuisence – noise pollution – to Kenyans

This is a public database of Kenyans who are bothered by the noise emanating from places of worship.

If you want your complaint to be on this database, sent a WhatsApp message to +254 717 110066 with name of church, location and nature of disturbance.

DateName of complainantComplaint
Macharia MachunuThere’s an open air church in kahawa sukari near Quickmart who are there the whole day on Sunday and are very noisy. Tried to contact NEMA but to no avail, please assist
Serge Meijerink
Kangeta! Meru County, please…there is loads of them
Akong’o OkongoWeka deliverence church in umoja kwa black list ya noise polluters. It’s located close to 70m from kwa chief opposite manmin church on the rough road from umoja market-kwa chief stage. Impunity must fall!
Jacob OkalThere is a mabati church in Kassagam next to the flyover in kisumu, they don’t even have a name. they needs to be shamed
Sach KartarThe name of the problematic church in my case is called Revelation Wisdom Ministries International in Eldoret. Sir, ever since this church came into my estate in April 2018, the peace and quiet we once used to enjoy ceased. Currently, this church operates daily from as early as 6 am until past curfew hours shockingly. There is no single day they fail to disturb the peace in the neighborhood. They will even start preaching loudly (on loudspeakers), at random during very late hours of night (despite current curfew) and even wee hours of morning taking away necessary sleep and rest from residents. Sunday’s are even just as bad as other days of the week. On the one single day a person gets to rest and spend quality time in peace adn quiet with their family, there is none on this special day sadly. This church starts their very noisy activities as early as mentioned above and continue until late afternoon (4 pm) on Sunday’s.

John Gachora
Kindly assist, we’re disturbed daily from as early as 6am and over lunch hour by noise from beautiful celebration center church in Othaya