Covid 19 Relief Fund

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COVID-19 relief fund to help the most vulnerable populations in Kenya

Atheists In Kenya Society has launched a COVID-19 Relief Fund to support those living in fragile parts of Kenya that are dealing with the economic impact of COVID 19.

Atheists In Kenya Society is deeply concerned about the effect that COVID-19 will have on those whose livelihoods have been negatively impacted by the pandemic.

As the pandemic spreads, we are particularly alarmed at the prospect of a COVID-19 outbreak in areas where social distancing is impossible, such as crowded city neighborhoods. Many public health measures to stop the spread of disease, including the promotion of hand-washing and other hygiene practices, are significantly hindered by lack of access to clean water and soap.

How you can help!

We are raising funds to support the vulnerable families in Kenya. We want to provide the most vulnerable families with the following essential items:

(I) Cooking Oil
(II) Maize Flour
(III) Beans
(IV) Green grams
(V) Rice
(VI) Sugar
(VII) Bar Soaps
(IX) Diapers
(X) Sanitary Pads
(XI) Masks
(XII) Sanitizers
(XIII) Milk
(XIIII) Porridge Flour for Kids
(XV) Salt
(XVI) Rent

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