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Save Us – This Petition Needs You!

The Atheists In Kenya Society was served with a petition before the high court of Kenya (on 26th September 2022) seeking to have the society suspended on grounds that its registration and continued existence are unconstitutional. The petitioner in this petition is a politician aligned with the evangelical churches in Kenya, Dr. Stephen Ndichu.

This petition is aimed at fermenting the notion that Kenya is a nation by and for believers in God only. It is an assault on religious freedom and an insult to the diversity of the Kenyan people.

Dr. Ndichu is a Christian fundamentalist who seems to harbor paranoid fantasies about the dangers of atheists existing in Kenya. He sees enemies where there is none.

All Kenyans have, as a fundamental freedom, freedom of conscience and religion (including freedom from religion), and they should be able to practice their religion (or lack off) freely and unfettered.

We have hired a lawyer to help us fight this petition in court. We will do everything within our power to defend our right to remain a registered society.


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