AIK’s Statement of Solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement


As the world watched an unarmed black man named George Floyd as he begged to breathe, eventually crying out for his mother as he took his last breath, the entire world felt the contrast—between a black person’s too-often walk in the world and a white person’s walk in the world.

Unfortunately, George Floyd’s death isn’t “unusual,” or rare – it just happened to be videotaped.

He tragically joins a long list of blacks and minorities from across the world including ethnic minorities, religious minoritieis, LGBTQi, women, the poor, the disables and many others who face all sorts of discrimination in various spaces. These tragic events and disparities are unacceptable.

We are broken. We are sad. We are upset. We are hurt. We are frustrated. More importantly, we are HUMAN.

We are tired of people’s lives evaluated and determined by the color of their skin. And we are saddened that in 2020 we are still having the same discussions about the value of a black life, and those of other minority groups.

Humanity cannot evolve without people from every race, background, and culture coming together to reject injustice, oppression and discrimination.

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