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Our mission is to promote the growth and interraction of atheists in Kenya.

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We have seven key objectives. Our worldview is humanism.

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Support the atheists movement in Kenya. Let us grow together.

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Volunteer in event organization, campaigns, and projects.

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Help us keep Idriss in school

Idriss is a bright form 1 student studying at Maranda High School, western Kenya. His mother is unable to afford school fees for him. Your donation helps pay for his education. Read more

The Atheists Late Night (ALN)

EVERY FRIDAY, JOIN US for the Atheists Late Night (ALN), from 10.00 pm to 11.00 pm (Nairobi Time) via Google Meet! Meet, socialize, make friends, and have interesting online conversations with atheists, agnostics, humanists, and free thinkers. Learn more

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Press Releases

See our latest press releases and media resources. Feel free to download the files you need.

Support Us

Support from individuals and organizations is the lifeblood of AIK’s work. You help us take on the most important challenges of our time—and stick with them until we win. Explore highlights of our work from 2016. As a minority secular organization, we take on high-stakes challenges where we can have an enduring impact.