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Press Conference

Press Conference

The Atheists In Kenya Society would like to thank the President of Kenya, William Ruto for appointing the six judges who were nominated by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC). We are happy that Miguna Miguna is back in the country. It is refreshing to know that the current government is keen on upholding the letter and spirit of the Constitution. We are coming from a history where government officials refused to obey court orders. Governments must respect Court Orders in order to preserve the fabric of our constitutional democracy.

The Atheists In Kenya Society was registered under the Society’s Act on February 17, 2016. Our registration was vehemently opposed by some churches at the time. In particular, the Kenya National Congress of Pentecostal Churches and Ministries said and I quote “it was abominable, and unconstitutional to have the society registered and given a certificate.” The then Attorney General, Prof. Githu Muigai, succumbed to pressure from these churches and suspended the registration of Atheists In Kenya society. We moved to Court and the Court found that the suspension of the society was unconstitutional. The suspension was quashed.

On 26th September 2022, we were served with a petition before the high court of Kenya seeking to have our society suspended on grounds that our registration and continued existence is unconstitutional. The petitioner in this petition is former Juja MP, Dr. Stephen Ndichu. We believe that this petition has the backing of some religious groups. We want to inform Kenyans that we will fight this petition in Court and defend our right to be registered as a legal entity.

We have received complaints from Kenyans who have to deal with disturbances arising from noise emanating from places of worship that have been set up in residential areas. We urge County governments across the country to firmly deal with this nuisance.

The notion that Kenya is a nation by and for believers in God only is nonsensical. Kenya is a nation of people with diverse religious beliefs. We have over 1 million atheists in Kenya. We are concerned that the current government seems to privilege Christianity against all the other religious organizations, including atheists. When the government privileges one religious organization against others, it undermines religious freedom. We expect atheists to be invited to all government functions where religious organizations are represented.

We call upon the Kenyan government (both the National and County government) to remain neutral when it comes to religion. Statehouse should never be used to advance any religious ideology. No state organ, or parastatal should be used to advance any religious ideology. There should be no forced prayer or religious practice in any public institution or government institution.

We call upon the Committee that was appointed by the President to review CBC to abolish the teaching of CRE/ IRE and HRE in our education curriculum. Instead, let us have one subject that will teach the history of religion including African Traditional Religion. Worldviews like atheism and humanism should be taught in our schools. Adam and Eve should not be presented as the first human beings who existed on earth. We would like to see religious instruction abolished in our school curriculums. Forced prayers should be banned in all our public schools.

Finally, we welcome all the Kenyans who have abandoned religion to register as members of our society.

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