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National Prayer Breakfast – A day of shame!

National Prayer Breakfast – A day of shame!

KENYANS who care about their Constitution should be deeply offended by today’s National Prayer Breakfast, funded by the STATE. This is a shameful violation of the separation of church and state articulated under Article 8 of our Constitution. When our leaders organize such events, the aim is to lead gullible masses to think they (politicians) are holy and that solutions to our problems will be found through prayer. The Kenyan government (under Jubilee) has been horrendously corrupt and incompetent but keeps holding prayer breakfasts
every year.

The evidence for incompetence lies in poor social service delivery. Government officials continue to use private hospitals and shun public ones because the public ones do not work.

The National Prayer Breakfast should be banned. Instead of wasting taxpayers’ money on THE prayer breakfast, our leaders should focus on how to lower the high cost of living for millions of Kenyans.

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