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We Condemn Remarks Made By Dr. Alfred Mutua On Martha Karua’s Atheism

We Condemn Remarks Made By Dr. Alfred Mutua On Martha Karua’s Atheism

The Atheists In Kenya Society (AIK) strongly condemns the careless, shameful, and discriminatory remarks made by Dr. Alfred Mutua today during UDA campaigns. In a video, Dr. Alfred Mutua is quoted as saying:



We would like to bring to the attention of Dr. Alfred Mutua that freedom of worship is enshrined in our Constitution under Article 32.

Article 32 (COK 2010) states:

(1) Every person has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion.

(2) Every person has the right, either individually or in community with others, in public or in private, to manifest any religion or belief through worship, practice, teaching, or observance, including observance of a day of worship.

Dr. Alfred Mutua is inciting Kenyans against atheists, and this, we will not accept.

Dr. Mutua should know that according to a report of the 2019 Population Census released in 2019 by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), more than 700,000 Kenyans are atheists.

Progressive political leadership is 100% possible without religious belief. It doesn’t matter whether Ms. Martha Karua is an atheist or not, she can still make a great leader. Scandinavian countries are some of the least religious countries in the world, yet they are the least corrupt, most peaceful, and most cooperative societies in the history of humankind.

Dr. Alfred Mutua’s remarks show that he lacks an understanding of the concept of religious freedom and Constitutionalism at large. Such remarks are responsible for the stigma and discrimination that non-believers in Kenya face.

It is a shame that a well-educated individual like Dr. Mutua can victimize another politician on the basis of religious belief in public.

The Atheists In Kenya Society is a duly registered society under the Societies Act, Cap 108. The Society draws its membership from atheists, agnostics, and free thinkers. While Martha Karua is not a registered member of our society, nobody should judge her on the basis of whether she believes in God or not.

Kenya is not a Christian Nation. Kenya is a pluralistic nation consisting of people of various religious persuasions, and this includes atheists.

We demand a public apology from Dr. Alfred Mutua within 24 hours, failure to which we will raise the matter with the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC).

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