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Letter to UDA Chairman, Johnstone Muthama

Letter to UDA Chairman, Johnstone Muthama

Our attention has been drawn to remarks made by UDA Chairman, Johnstone Muthama on 29th March 2022 in Kitui Town during UDA campaigns yesterday in which he made the following utterances:

“… Na kamwe hupati uongozi wa Kenya ukiwa mkosa dini.”

which loosely translates to – “You can not be a Kenyan leader if you are non-religious”.(YouTube) – (32:33).

Leadership is not a preserve of the religious.

The constitution and other laws and policies prohibit religious discrimination and protect religious freedom, including the freedom to practice any religion or belief through worship, teaching, or observance, and to debate religious questions.

The Atheists In Kenya Society is a legally registered Society (Societies’ Act, Cap 108) and works to protect the interests of atheists (those who do not believe in God) and other nonreligious Kenyan citizens. We find his remarks to be discriminatory, parochial, and intolerant towards the nonreligious community in Kenya.


Leadership is not a preserve of the religious. Indeed atheists occupy many leadership positions in Kenya. We expect your party, UDA to respect and uphold the tenets of our Constitution during your campaigns and desist from making discriminatory utterances towards the atheist and the non-religious community in Kenya.

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