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The decision to deny unvaccinated Kenyans government services in unreasonable

The decision to deny unvaccinated Kenyans government services in unreasonable

It is a fact that today’s COVID-19 vaccines have been tested on millions of people around the world. It’s clear that they are very safe and that they save lives. We urge Kenyans who have not been vaccinated to take the vaccine.

We are, however, vehemently opposed to the Kenyan Government denying services for those Kenyans who have not yet taken the COVID-19vaccine. This amounts to tyranny.

While the government has an obligation to protect its people from serious public health threats, the decision to deny unvaccinated Kenyans government services is unreasonable, disproportionate, and a violation of human rights.

Hesitancy about COVID‑19 vaccination is evident in many countries.

Instead of denying unvaccinated Kenyans government services, the Kenyan government should focus on creating public trust in the vaccines. This will be essential in reducing vaccine hesitancy, and we will see the emergence of a more resilient society after the crisis.

Successful awareness campaigns will require the government to partner and support community organizations to conduct extensive and well-managed community engagement.

Under international human rights law, the Kenyan government has a duty to ensure the right to health for everyone, without discrimination. It should promote vaccination by providing transparent information on the benefits and risks of the vaccine to a person’s health, not denying government services to unvaccinated Kenyans.

Emphasis should be focused on the accessibility of the vaccines and other preventive measures for Covid-19.

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