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The Enziu TRAGEDY teaches us that life has no meaning

The Enziu TRAGEDY teaches us that life has no meaning

Of course, some people disagree. They claim to find meaning in the Israelite God and his funny son, JESUS CHRIST, or Allah, and his funny prophet Mohammed. Some people also claim to find meaning in family, you know, husband, wife, children etc. Some people find meaning in certain pursuits like business, political ambitions, research, arts, music … We all have things that give us a reason to live. 

But if you watched that bus going down the river with 20 helpless people who eventually died, even after praying, you realize that really, we are on some form of autopilot on earth. Living has no inherent purpose. We are animals, insects to be precise. Worms as Friedrich Nietche put it. 

We really have not much control over our lives. Even those who claim that God is in control should realize that there is no God in control over anything. Watch that Enziu disaster video AGAIN.

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