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What does Harrison Mumia think about marriage?

What does Harrison Mumia think about marriage?

I am 42 if not 43. Hata sijui ni gani … But that’s besides the point.

I have never married or been married in my entire life. Let alone stay with a female partner in my house for a month. I don’t know how it feels to be married. The most I have lived with a lady in my house is a few weeks, and I got bored.

Once in a while I invite my male married friends over to my house. They come and I serve them a drink, coffee, I get my helper to come over and make them lunch. Sometimes, they sleep over, we drink talk etc.

They look at my life and wish they could exchange their lives for mine. They always talk to me about how miserable they are, how they have to always explain where they have been to their wives, how they cannot receive calls past 9 pm because wifey will be mad etc. Some even confess to me that their sex life is lousy, and only when they sleep out with a side mama, do they enjoy sex.

Yet, for centuries, marriage has been considered the proper thing to do in life once you reach a certain age. I think we need a proper, honest conversation on whether marriage makes people happy, or is it a PRISON THAT HAS BEEN normalized over the years.

My thesis is that marriage is a miserable institution, both for the man and woman. I think we need to mainstream single living and co-parenting.

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