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How do atheists view the doctrine of original sin?

How do atheists view the doctrine of original sin?

Atheists view the doctrine of original sin as purely religious propaganda. Original sin is Christianity’s way of inserting “it’s all the fault of women” into Christianity.

Many Christians who profess to believe in the doctrine of original sin do not know what it teaches. Many Christians are ignorant of its history and origin: that it had it’s roots in a heathen philosophy, that it has evolved, and that it was made a dogma of the Roman Catholic Church in the fifth century A.D., primarily by the influence of St. Augustine.

The Doctrine of original sin is NOT a Biblical teaching. Although many believe wholly they can Prove the existence of this doctrine in the pages of Bible, the evidence is dubious and laced with conjecture. The Origins of this doctrine can be traced directly to Fourth Century Rome where they were blended into Christian teaching from the pagan philosophies of the Gnostics and Manicheans.

The Problem is however that these ancient teachings are so removed from our present day thinking. The Doctrine of Original Sin is the bases of all evangelical dogma and has a DIRECT effect on HOW the Bible is understood by Christians.

The original sin is a tenet of the Christian religion, meaningful to Christians, but meaningless to an atheist.

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