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Ban on ‘I AM SAMUEL’ uncalled for

Ban on ‘I AM SAMUEL’ uncalled for

THE BANNING OF ‘I AM SAMUEL’ FILM BY THE Kenya Film Classification Board is uncalled for. It is reactionary, and hurts Kenya’s fledgling creative industry.

The ban deprives Kenyans of narrative diversity in mainstream film.

The ban is a reflection of anti-LGBT attitudes that sadly, are still in full force in many African countries, including Kenya, where LGBTQ individuals continue to be routinely targeted by government authorities, religious groups and those who claim to be fighting to preserve “traditional values”.

Digitization has profoundly changed our cultural experiences, not only in terms of new technology-based access, production and dissemination of content, but also in terms of participation and creation of digital content.

We urge the KFCB to stop engaging in political homophobia and focus on drafting policies on digitization that will spur creativity in Kenya’s film industry.

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