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Ezekiel Mutua’s ouster was long overdue

Ezekiel Mutua’s ouster was long overdue

The Atheists In Kenya Society (AIK) is ecstatic after Ezekiel Mutua was relieved of his duties as Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB). We join other right thinking Kenyans in celebrating his ouster. For the six years that Dr. Ezekiel Mutua headed the Kenya Film Classification Board, he made free expression through film and television markedly difficult.

Dr. Mutua enacted steep license fees that reduced the film industry’s ability to operate independently, including the requirement of filmmakers needing multiple licenses to film in multiple counties. It became common for Kenya-based films and content to be filmed in South Africa during his tenure. The self proclaimed moral police, who became known as Deputy Jesus on social media also attempted to enforce his dictates on theatre, the film industry and public life.

Article 8 of the Kenyan Constitution prohibits the government (or it’s officials) from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion.” Dr. Ezekiel Mutua acted unconstitutionally by unduly favoring the Christian faith in the running of KFCB.

It is our hope that the incoming KCFP leadership will be more dynamic, progressive, inclusive and accommodative.

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