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National Prayer Breakfast is an insult to Kenyans

National Prayer Breakfast is an insult to Kenyans

The National Prayer Breakfast should be abolished.

It is a waste of taxpayers money and an insult to Kenyans. One year into the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya, thousands of families are struggling with deepening poverty and unemployment. 60% of Kenyan families can no longer afford three meals per day.

The National Prayer Breakfast is also unconstitutional. Article 8 establishes Kenya as a secular state. The state should be neutral in matters of religion. President Uhuru is violating the Constitution by attending a National Prayer Breakfast.

What imperils Kenya is poor leadership. The solution is not prayer. The reality is that to deal with corruption, crime, employment, free and fair elections and negative ethnicity requires focused and purposeful leadership. We need leaders who respect and uphold the Constitution and rule of law and not National Prayers.

Kenyans must reject the ideology that leaders are chosen by God.

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