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Trusting God never works, says Harrison Mumia

Trusting God never works, says Harrison Mumia

Former Tahidi High Actor Joni Advises Struggling Colleagues Not to Give up But Trust in God. But trusting God never works, according to Harrison Mumia, President of the Atheists In Kenya Society.

“Seek for help from people, not God”, said Mumia.

Various Tahidi High actors have come out in the recent past among them Omosh, Kellen and Mr Mweposi, to ask fans to help them support their families. “The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works. Life has literally been turned upside down across the board. Businesses are closing, companies restructuring, taxes are going up, people are losing their jobs.

The restructuring at Royal Media Services in 2020 led to the abrupt discontinuation of Tahidi High. Expectedly, this met most of his former colleagues unprepared as nobody could anticipate such a move. While it took the most time to adjust, the thespian said that they keep encouraging each other and slowly we are coming to terms with this reality.

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