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What is the point of atheism?

What is the point of atheism?

There are actually two different ways of looking at atheism.

To look at the specific definition, broadly put, atheism is the absence of belief in the existence of deities. More specifically, it’s the belief that there are no deities, as opposed to theism, which beliefs in the existence of at least one of the 5,000+ gods worshiped throughout human history.

Now, there’s the other thing: atheism is also living life without any belief, need, or concern for deities. In the original Greek, (atheos) means “without gods”. I don’t talk to them, I don’t seek their permission or apologize to them for acting as my 2.5 billion years of evolution and my membership in a civilization has lead me to act. I don’t need their threats to be a good person — I choose to be a good person. I don’t claim to believe in their magical words and yet ignore them when they become inconvenient. I don’t expect problems to be solved by magic — I must solve my own problems.

Every. Single. Time. I don’t look for magic in the world, but what I see in nature and science is far more beautiful and fantastic than it could ever be if it just happened by magic. And there’s beauty in the truth of things … that I can look at a star or a tree or a wolverine or a television or a smartphone and understand it, not make up stories and lies about it.

And there’s is plenty of point to living this way.

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