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Why would any atheist be against gay rights?

Why would any atheist be against gay rights?

I recently posted an image on the Atheists In Kenya Facebook page in support of gay rights. One of my friends, Kip Sigei, an atheists commented saying:

Mumia has gone rogue. We wouldn’t encourage the use of the society’s wall for personal errands like this. Why can’t Mumia post this stuff on his personal wall? What has this got to do with atheism?

Why would any atheists be against gay rights?

If it’s wrong to be human or alive, then surely to be gay is wrong.

I have always assumed that atheists would be the first ones to support gay rights, based on simple logic which they apply when rationalizing the supernatural. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. Or straight, bisexual or any other orientation. All are natural variations of human sexuality, based on prenatal brain development.

It really confuses me as to why some atheists think being gay is bad. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

I do find it pretty hypocritical for atheists to say gay sex is gross. Gay sex is literally anal and blow-jobs. Straight couples do that, too, so …

Variety is a wonderful thing. How dull the world would be if everyone was a carbon copy. The natural world contains infinite richness, and we are all unique individuals.

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