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Mama Idriss cries, thanks atheists for paying son’s fees

Mama Idriss cries, thanks atheists for paying son’s fees

I received a call today from Mama Idriss. She was crying. Tears of joy. She told me that she was very appreciative of the fact that we were able to pay the school fees for her son. I told her that we are happy too that Idriss is in school, and that we will keep supporting Idriss throughout his high school education. Idriss Saidi Lutta is settling down well at Maranda High School.

I want to really thank all those who made it possible for the Atheists In Kenya Society to pay school fees for Idriss. Thank you for donating towards his education. We were able to make a payment of KShs 27,600/= two days ago. Our fundraising goal for Idriss was met. We are grateful. Your giving spirit has made a difference.

There’s more to do though …

Idriss will be in school for the next three years. He will complete his high school education in the year 2025. During his time in high school, Idriss will need a total of KShs 300,000 (USD 300) to complete his high school education. As a society, we have made a commitment to pay for the high school education of Idriss. We do not have the funds to support Idriss. We want you to keep donating and keep Idriss in school.

How to donate

For those with MPESA, use


Other ways of donating

Contact or call 0700 011 226 to find out other other ways in which you can donate.

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