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How to lose weight, the atheist way

How to lose weight, the atheist way

If you’re reading this, let me be clear. There is no atheist way to lose weight. And yes, I am an atheist who lost 4kgs in a month. I just want to describe how this happened, and after you experiment with my plan, you may also learn how to maintain your body.

To start off, I was never unhappy with my body or weight. I have never quite wanted to lose weight. This just happened, coincidentally. It’s science, I guess.

Here is the thing. Since I was born, I have never been overweight. Sure, we all have different definitions of “overweight” but I have been of medium weight my whole life. What can I say? Apart from the time I lost my job at the Central Bank of Kenya, when I added 6 kgs because of stress, eating and doing nothing, my weight has been generally fine.

So this is how I lost 4 Kgs in one month.

Meal Plan

My breakfast has been fried peanuts and coffee. That’s it. The peanuts cost about KShs 6o at Naivas Supermarket. I buy them on my way to work. For lunch, I normally have githeri, ugali or fried bananas. The lunches are not taken every day. I take twice of three times in a week.


I don’t work out. Wait, I used to work out before this magic happened. But for the month of November, I quite never actively worked out.

I have not time for gym. I am in a very busy job. But my house is on the fourth floor, and I work at the fifth floor in Westlands. I prefer taking stairs to taking the lift. I also walk a lot on my way to work. I take two matatus. To get to the second matatu that takes me to work is about 3 kilometers walk. That is about 50 KMS in a week!

Checking my weight

I only checked my weight twice. At the beginning of the month of November and the end of November, 2020. I am not into checking my weight every day. As I said, I just stumbled onto this information when I checked my weight.


I take two bottles if Guinness every Saturday during our atheist meetings. I don’t know whether this is relevant to the whole weight loss issue, but during our atheist meetings, that is what I do.

At the end …
The end? I lost 4kgs. My conclusion, it’s all about diet. And genes I guess. Definitely not prayers.
Hope to see you during our next atheist meeting.

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