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My boss fired me after I rejected Jesus Christ

My boss fired me after I rejected Jesus Christ

This year has been so tough due to the pandemic. I am an atheist, living in Nairobi. I want to share my story, about discrimination at work. I was fired by this lady boss because I refused to believe in Jesus Christ.

I had my own business but it collapsed around July 2020. I had some savings that sustained me in August, but then in September, I was economically distressed, so I decided to move to my cousin’s place since I had could not afford rent.

I called my cousin and told him that I will be coming to his place and that I am going to start building my life all ovagain. He had no problem. Blood is thicker than water, right?

The following morning I told him me am not used to staying indoors, so let me go and look for a job. I am the kind of guy who yuko na bidii (hard working), so I went out asking for a job, literary from company to company. Some of the people who I was asking for jobs told me they will call me soon, others ignored me, it was tough. On this first day, I was unsuccessful. No response, no phone call. So the following day, I woke up to keep looking.

Luckily, I got a job. I met this very nice lady who connected me to some job and I reported to the work station the same day. I worked there for 5 days without seeing the owner of the business. We were five employees. She finally surfaced, a good , short voluptous woman.

I worked at her company for two weeks then she started complaining that her business is not doing so well, that the employees were stealing from her and for some reason, good reason, I was promoted to become the in charge of managing somethings around the work place. After sometime, she said we will be praying every morning before work. She used to put salt in water and sprinkle it around her business area every morning, so that us, her employees wash our hands with the same water. I did not refuse to do all this because she’s the boss.

So one day they started saying that everyone at the office should be a believer. Like saved. I differed with her on this issue, and said that it was not right for us to be forced to believe in Jesus at work. I told her this politely. I think she must have concluded that I am a devil worshipper. That story ended like that, another month passed and she opened a new shop. I was sent to manage the shop. It was a new shop, so customers normally take time to know the new place. We were not very busy.

One Monday morning, I fell ill. I called her and told that I was unwell. I went to the hospital and I was diagnosed with pneumonia but luckily it was not that bad. So, the following day I went to work as usual. In the evening, I passed by at the hospital to get an injection. When I got home, boss, this lady of God called me saying that she has prayed and that God had told her that her spirit and mine were not connecting and ever since I joined the company, business was not doing well, and she fired me. Reason? I have the devils spirit.

I am out of work.

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